Tuesday, August 24, 2010

save cool kids in Houston

There are 7 churches within walking distance of the house I grew up in in suburban northwest Houston; I saw 5 Christian fundamentalist women in long dresses and strange buns the last time I was there. I also saw multiple Tea Party promotions and a sign that said, "Believe in God, lock your doors." I'm not saying you can't be an okay person and be a conservative Christian; I'm saying you just can't be very cool.

How I Became (Passably) Cool:

I credit Rice University's student-run radio station with roughly 60% of my education in cool. It was my musical lifeline. The first time John Darnielle broke my heart was via KTRU airwaves. And the same can be said of Yo La Tengo, Stan Getz, Thai pop, Bill Callahan, Nina Simone, atonal reggae-inspired Balinese klezmer... And now KTRU is at serious, serious risk of not being around to shepherd the next generation away from the next generation's version of Staind!

C'mon! This affects us all! Help preserve independent, diverse broadcasting for the people, starting with Rice Radio.

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