Friday, August 20, 2010

I made you a mix tape.

--Ani Difranco reminds me of high school too, and of that time I lived with those theater majors.
--Dave Matthews Band makes me feel embarassed.
--Genesis reminds of that time they were at the blimp hanger rehearsing and my mom put us in the minivan and we HAULED ASS to get there.
--That theme song from Donnie Darko reminds me of being beyond mega-high.
--"Baby, It's Cold Outside" makes me ecstatic, every time.

Have you listened to these mixes yet? You probably have, because you are cool as shit. (Big ups to Stephanie for passing this along.)


Brooke @ Parenting from Scratch said...

Isn't that the best blog ever? I am lazy as shit about finding out about new music since college. I mostly rely on my friend, Ashley, so this blog is a big hit with me. How fun that you're reading Stephanie's blog. She and I have become blog friends--which is kind of weird, but Sadie and I actually met up with her and her family in Memphis a few months ago.

SunnieDebris said...

Check out 8track.