Wednesday, June 09, 2010

hungry boas

I'm supposed to share an "inspiration" tomorrow for the summer program I'm working with. Okay. I'm pretty into comics. I thought about sharing some Dykes to Watch Out For, since Alison Bechdel is the reason I draw comics. But then I remembered that no, no I can't do that, no matter how inspirational it is to me, because I am teaching teachers to teach child-people.

So I'm sharing something that inspired me so much I put it on my skin. (Or rather, a fucking fuck-up put it on my skin and now sometimes kids ask if it's marker.)

It's Chapter One in The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. You can read it for yourself here. Go ahead, you grown-up.

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HardtravelingHero said...

Dykes has kids in it, the boy who wants to be Hermione, for example. You should have gone for it. In fact, I discovered Dykes in the children's section of this weird bookstore/museum in Bridgeport, CT and loved the book. I think it was "And Other Sundry Life-Forms" or some such.