Sunday, February 07, 2010

nice things people say

What's that? This isn't a comic? I know. My b. It's just that I'm making a book right now so I'm a little bit busy.

I was filling my quota for hot boys in bathing suits for the month when I found this. My filthy comics will be all up in their first print issue, so you should check it out. Also in that issue: hot boys, bathing suits optional.

(Similarly, Thomas taped this handsome devil from Inked Magazine up in the bathroom.)

Other people have been saying nice things about my comics lately, too. Like my new friends Amanda and Jonny (roller derby, anyone?). Thanks to all my eenternet freends for checking in on my comics. That's awfully nice of you!

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HardtravelingHero said...

You should check out Violet Blue if you like sex-positive women who like porn: