Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Come to STAPLE!

Hello, friends.

I'm so excited that I can practically taste the Lone Star beer!!  I'm heading to Austin for STAPLE! which is on Saturday at the Monarch Event Center.  If you're in town you should definitely stop by to say hello and check out some great comics from talented folks.  I'll have 4 new mini comics on sale, available individually or specially priced for the recession (ask for the super-deluxe Stimulus Package).

If you can't make it, you can at least pretend you're there by reading this, where I add my 2 cents to The Decider's guide to faking you're into comics.  Which you would want to do because...?

It is going to be 50 degrees warmer in Austin than it is right now in Manhattan.


Samantha said...

Yours was the first table I visited! I hope you had a roaringly successful day at Staple!

John said...

Hi! I found your table at Staple and picked up your package of comics. Read them when I got back to the hotel room that night, and instantly fell in love with it. Keep doing what your doing!