Wednesday, March 11, 2009

back in my pea coat

Thanks to everyone who came out to STAPLE! on Saturday. Hope you had fun; I did. I put my mom to work hawking my shit so I could collect some awesome manga*:
I sold out of mini-comics and made enough money to buy the above, plus a cab ride home from Laguardia. Until my next trip to God's country**, I will cling to sweet, sweet memories of Barton Springs and chips and salsa.
*lie, obviously
**Texas, obviously


HardtravelingHero said...

Wow, giant blue cock!

Only in Texas, where everything is bigger.

It's like someone's Smurf fantasies came true...times ten!

kena said...

I went to staple but totally spaced and didn't find you. ack! that night i met up with a friend and i saw your business card in his goodie bag. i was so annoyed! next time, i guess.