Friday, July 25, 2008

California or Bust

I don't have any new comics, but I do have several new essays for my Philosophy of Education summer school class. Anyone? Anyone?

More importantly, I am going on a mondo roadtrip in two weeks, for two weeks, through the southwest and up the coast of California. Suggestions?

Besides eating a TON of Blimpie's Bluffins?


HardtravelingHero said...

Let's see.

If you like nature, etc. and think you'll make it to a bunch of National Parks, get a National Parks pass. It should pay for itself if you visit four or five parks and it's good for a year. Not too many in the Northeast, but Acadia and Shenandoah are nice.

Arizona: Grand Canyon. I don't have food suggestions for Flagstaff, as it severely lacks good eateries. I did live there for two blasted years, as when I met you at Shane's Houston get together.

In Cali, if you go to LA, check out Canter's (spelling), though you can get plenny of Jewish food in New York. I'm sure you'll be taking the 1 and 101 up a bunch of the coast, which is beautiful. The San Diego Zoo.

Hmmm. San Fran is always fun. I'd suggest taking the ferry across to Tiberon or Alcatraz and listening to the audio tour for the former prison. If you make it inland, a drive to Lake Tahoe could prove pretty.

If you go further north, I never made it to the fabled Red Woods National Park, so take me a picture and draw me a comic of it? Please.

If you make it into Utah check out Arches National Park and Zion. I never made it Bryce Canyon or Canyonlands. If you make it as far as SLC, check out the lake, punk. The floating effect is pretty cool, but I'm not sure there's much going on near SLC aside from the lake. Mormons...

Then again, I either have, or should have posted most of this stuff on my travel blog, but I get bogged down by life and stuff.

Feel free to get in touch about specific places I did not start or finish entries for.

Jug Wine Comix said...

Aw man, thanks! Travel comics will ensue.