Sunday, October 07, 2012


My friend! I have been very busy: --I worked a lot --I got very sick --I got a little bit better, --but then I got sick again --But then Erin found me these jeans that are SO TIGHT that they MUST have been made for a slutty pre-teen with an eating disorder, and I had to wear them everyday because, c'mon, liquid diet Skeletor bods don't last forever --And then I got better, relatively speaking --So we ordered matching corduroy leggings because, well, see above --The Austin newspaper wrote a story about what I do --AND THEN I opened a nail salon, Nails Y'all, in north Austin. PHEW! So like I said, I've been very busy. That said, most of my comics have been on fingertips. Do you want fingertip comics? But I haven't forgotten about Jug Wine, I swear.

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