Wednesday, May 19, 2010

progress, etc.

Here's how I blocked off my illustration for quilting:

And here's the left-hand side of blocks:

You have to use your imagination and figure in the applique and embroidery for all the details.

And here's a picture of Robert Pattinson's hot new haircut. Just sayin'.

Oh, Avi Buffalo: I love you more each time you open your sweet collective teenaged mouth.


Sarah Nealon said...

oh wow! I didn't realize you were actually PIECING the image. I thought you were quilting. Though both are equally impressive and I'm sure you'll be doing some cool quilting. all hand sewn? i wish i lived in your backyard--or was that cat....

¡LP! said...

This guy has a spy. I shortened mine, going corporate, and sha-bang. At least he isn't doing my color.