Thursday, March 04, 2010


Official PayPal Seal

I got a store! You can buy my comics without exchanging stilted pleasantries face-to-face! But you can't pick it up, flip through, decide you hate it, then set it down gingerly and walk away while my heart gently breaks. So if that's your thing...sorry. If you order something, bear with me while I figure out this internet money. Thanks!


tina said...

did i ever mention to you that i love reading your comics? it makes me miss texas :P hope you're doing well. and yes, those people that love work so much are crazy. would love to buy a comic book. where is this mysterious online store?!?1

Jug Wine said...

Aw thanks! I hope you use work time and resources to read them. The "store" is on the left-hand side; look for the PayPal buttons.