Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Madness

When I draw comics, I like to have on hand twin Lone Star tallboys and a really good playlist. What constitutes a really good playlist? Well, thanks for asking! Strap on a coozie and I will tell you.

Waltham: They are all named Sean, they are mean, and I hate it here.
Watching last week's episode of "30 Rock" on The Hulu, I was reminded of how much I enjoy this band. Inspired by Rick Springfield? Check. Named after your Boston suburb? Check. Writing songs exclusively about girls, cars, and girls in cars? Check, check, and check. Waltham, you're a Fluffernutter for my ears.

Garfunkel & Oates: You want the donut but all you're gonna get is the hole.
In a perfect world, my comics would look like these gals sound. What's more adorable than adorable girls with adorable ukuleles? Adorable girls with adorable ukuleles who sing about adorable sperm.

Peter & the Wolf
I'm sorry to anyone along West 6th who listened to me sing this song on repeat at 1 AM the other night. No, I'm NOT sorry. It's a really, really good song. And I sing totally awesome when I've been drinking.

Similarly, Clay Nightingale's CD has also been on heavy rotation since I "borrowed" it from Thomas a week ago. These local boys are mighty talented!

Kid Sister: Bubble letters on my butt say fresh.
I like to get my nails did, too. One time I wanted to get acrylics like Kid Sister so I bought a pack from the supermarket and put them on with glue and now I think that instead of burqas a more seriously effective tool of female opression would be super-fancy press-on nails.

Yo digo Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, tu dices Mexican Institute of Sound.
One of the best live shows I've ever seen was this guy at Stubbs here in Austin. This is some catchy shit. And also a very good way to practice your spotty high school Spanish.

Pavement, the Jicks, & miscellaneous: Stephen Malkmus is a many splendored thing.
As previously alluded to, I am 83% certain that a lot of the world's problems might be solved by listening to Stephen Malkmus in all his forms.

Kickin' it old school
Sometimes when I'm not looking, my iPod throws me a sweet curveball and all of a sudden I'm 16 again and I'm driving 200 miles across the state to see Dashboard Confessional.

Songs with videos that I like: For when my hand hurts from drawing and I watch YouTube instead.
*Matt & Kim, for when I miss New York
*Harlem Shakes
*The Knife

Look, I'm not saying that the occasional Taylor Swift song does sneak in, and I'm not saying it doesn't. I'm just's got a good beat.

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