Monday, June 08, 2009

my new bundles of joy

Stuff I picked up at MoCCA that I've read and loved:

--Unloveable by Esther Pearl Watson. Poor Tammy-pon can't catch a break! I was half-lured by how much I love her monthly strip in Bust, and half-lured by the glitter overload on the cover.
--Kate T. Williamson's At a Crossroads: Between a Rock & My Parents' Place. Quarter-life crisis in watercolor.
--Come Back by James Hindle. I love this mini-comic's thick lines and nicely narrated story. The swimming-and-kissing scene will probably get photocopied and taped above my desk.
--And my very, very favorite finds were Lisa Hanawalt's 3 mini-comics: Mistakes We Made, Stay Away from Other People, and It's Sexy When People Know Your Name.

Stuff I picked up but haven't read yet because I got a new Everyday with Rachel Ray:

--Colleen Frakes' Woman King. Something about the cover reminded me of one of my all-time favorites, Scott Morse's The Barefood Serpent.
--Featherweight by Jamil Mani. A gentle, wordless segue into the world of Scandinavian comics. Because by Norwegian just ain't what it used to be.
--Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing by Box Brown. Ben and Ellen are perpetually adorable.

I've got a coffee table full of other stuff, too, that I plan to read on my stoop in the sun.

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