Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new funny-pages

I've been working on a new mini-comic called "Happy Birthday to You." Here are panels from two different parts:

I've been practicing my backgrounds, too:
"Happy Birthday to You" Playlist (for that genuine class of '01 feel):
--Saves the Day: "Jukebox Breakdown"
--Eve 6: "Inside Out"
--New Found Glory: "Hit or Miss"
--Sisqo: "The Thong Song"
--Alkaline Trio: "Nose Over Tail"
--Third Eye Blind: "Graduate"
--Outkast: "Miss Jackson"
--The Get-up Kids: "Holiday"
--Dashboard Confessional: any and all
--that Aaliyah song with the crying baby all the time
Feel free to Pandora them, too.


HardtravelingHero said...

I really like the style and cleanliness of the panels for the new minicomic and I look forward to buying it since I still haven't made anything new to swap.

I like the coloring and shading as well. Not to say that you don't put time into your other comics and cartoons, but it shows more in these panels. The backgrounds are indeed good. I like and I congratulate you for your efforts to improve. I'd like to know what was most challenging for you.

The locker scene is funny also and I wish all women would realize that that is all men really want on their birthday. Whether it's from the girlfriend or not. Kidding. Sort of. Ok, going now.

Jug Wine Comix said...

Thanks for the kind words...and the other ones. I've been playing with gray Prismacolors for a couple years now and I'm trying to work them into my comics more. The most challenging part was the backgrounds, for sure; I'm terrible at backgrounds. I usually go for Charlie Brown simplicity (line=ground, the rest is implied). I'll have the finished product at Staple! in March.

Anonymous said...

sigh. . . there are some things a Mother does not want to know. As for the locker room - in high school!!!! Call me naive!

Jug Wine Comix said...

Dear Mom,
I found out where babies come from.

jeff said...

I totally dig the more detailed style. The background for the first panel of the locker scene is really cool.

I'm looking forward to seeing reading the whole thing.