Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Gajillion Italians

Now I live in Brooklyn! Bob, downstairs, says the neighborhood isn't like it used to be. Bob says it used to be a good Italian neighborhood and you could leave a gajillion dollars on the table with the door wide open and no one would even look at it, but now it's mixed so you can't be too careful. That's why Bob has a cross bow: you can't be too careful with those little Orthodox girls.

This is the view from my sun deck*; more pictures coming soon. New comics when the scanner's unpacked.

*fire escape


Diego said...

a gajillion italians would be a kick ass name for a band. i hope the brooks is treating you guys nicely. good thing buenos aires is homogeneous beyond belief or else i wouldn't be able to leave a gajillion pesos (which by my rough estimates is almost five dollars) on the table.

Paul said...

Damn it! I knew that was you at MoCCA, wasn't it?!

Have fun in New York!